Spring Cleaning Package

As you are all aware, spring cleaning is a thorough, meticulous cleaning that is undertaken once a year or an annual basis. The word ‘spring’ cleaning itself signifies that. It is a cleaning that happens once a year, either during the holiday season or when the weather is pleasant and warm and you can rejuvenate your homes, remove clutter and debris and clean practically every nook and cranny of your home.
A deep cleaning of sorts, it is a combination of regular cleaning, house cleaning and carpet cleaning and more.
Once a spring cleaning is carried out, you can notice the difference for yourself. Your house will look a lot lighter, the air seems to be rid of any lingering smells or odours, your house has waved goodbye to dust, dirt, grime and stains, and most of all, the environment is healthy and there is an heightened sense of well-being for the residents.

Our Spring Cleaning Package includes deep cleaning of the entire home. Along with a regular cleaning service, this package includes:


Throughout the Property:

  • Floor Vacuum
  • Hard Floor Wash
  • Skirting & Window Sill Dusting
  • Furniture, Lamp Shades, Home Decoration dusting
  • Light Fitting, Switch Case, Power Outlet Cleaning
  • Door, Door Handles, Door Frame Cleaning
  • Exhaust Fan, Air Conditioner Vents Cleaning
  • Laundry Area Washing
  • Mirrors Cleaning
  • Soot and Cobwebs Removal
  • Entryway Cleaning



  • Bench Tops and Tile Cleaning
  • Sink, Basin, Taps Deep Clean
  • Cooktop Wash & Clean
  • Cupboard, Drawer Dusting
  • Microwave Inside & Outside Cleaning


Bathrooms & Toilets:

  • Toilets Cleaning and Sanitisation
  • Tile Area
  • Dressing Area
  • Sink, Basin, Taps, Bathtubs Deep Clean
  • Shower Area including Shower Head, Tap, Screen Cleaning


Once we are done with the Deep Spring Cleaning, fresh air wraps around you. A blooming spring feel at your home!
To schedule a spring cleaning service, contact us on 0406 722 623 or email us at sashi.pcs@gmail.com.