Commercial Cleaning Sydney

As part of the Perfect Cleantastic Services offerings, commercial cleaning, office cleaning or workplace cleaning forms a part of it. The one thing you can be sure of is that when you get Perfect Cleantastic Services to engage in a regular office cleaning for you, you have no cause for worry. Our expertise and knowhow is visible when we undertake regular office cleaning for you. Our in-depth experience and the way we make your office space all inviting and welcoming will leave you completely satisfied.
As part of our commercial cleaning and office cleaning packages, everyday, weekly and monthly cleaning services can be undertaken and most of all, our price is just right, our services are cost-effective and this is an added bonus when you engage our services.
And yes, last but the most important message is that, we never compromise on quality, even though our charges are low. That is our promise to you.

Office Cleaning Sydney

At Perfect Cleantastic Services, you will always be provided with the industry best level of cleaning services. We have team of professional cleaners who can skillfully clean your workplace and make it presentable, right on time. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly commercial cleaning packages that are low cost and high in quality.


Our Office / Workplace Cleaning Checklist

Daily Cleaning

  • Cleaning daily waste
  • Mopping
  • Sanitising
  • Empty waste bins
  • Add new liners
  • Standard glass cleaning
  • Wiping door handles, baseboards
  • Refilling soap dispensers
  • Kitchen cleaning and more

Weekly Cleaning

  • Deep cleaning for a healthier workplace
  • Hardwood buffing
  • Surfaces cleansing
  • Conference table cleaning
  • Wiping glass windows inside and out
  • Refrigerator maintenance
  • Disinfecting trashes
  • Adding new liners and others

Monthly Cleaning

  • Dusting fabric chairs
  • Vent cleaning
  • Surfaces cleaning
  • Conference table maintenance
  • Refrigerator preservation
  • Wiping glass windows inside and out
  • Disinfecting trashes and others

To engage our commercial cleaning or office cleaning services, contact us on 0406 722 623 or write to us at