Oran Park residential cleaning

If you are looking for good house cleaning in Oran Park, then you need to touch base with Domestic cleaners in Oran Park. And your best bet would be the cleaning services company, Perfect Cleantastic Services.

House cleaning in Oran Park is typically a regular clean. Any residential, domestic or house cleaning projects fall under the regular cleaning schedule. The nature of the cleaning is such and the need to keep your house clean and in a good condition is another prerogative.

And most times, owing to busy lifestyles and lack of time, it is but natural that people don’t find enough time to carry out a full-fledged house cleaning and at such times, it is best handed over to experienced cleaners from a cleaning services company like Perfect Cleantastic Services.

As part of the house cleaning, we clean the floors, vacuum and mop the floors, empty and clean the bins, the toilets are cleaned and sanitized, the kitchen area is cleaned and more.

For the ultimate Oran Park residential cleaning, the domestic cleaners in Oran Park, Perfect Cleantastic Services will help you out. To schedule an appointment, you can speak to us on our number on 0406 722 623 or email us at Sashi.pcs@gmail.com.

Throughout the property

  • Vacuuming floors
  • Washing hard floors
  • General furniture, skirtings& window sill dusting
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Bins Emptied
  • Laundry sink



  • Bench tops & tile area
  • Sink, basin & taps
  • Stove top
  • Microwave inside & outside


Bathrooms & Toilets

  • Toilets – cleaned & sanitised
  • Tile areas & vanity units
  • Sink basin & taps, baths & taps
  • Shower area including shower head, taps & screens